In summer 2011, a bombshell announcement dropped about one of the nation’s most prominent couples (at that time). Tom Cruise was revealed to have what was dubbed the “snoratorium,” a special, soundproof room for a snoring sleeper. Although some were quick to attribute this to Cruise’s association with Scientology, it was actually a widespread fad in celebrity and upscale homes.

Snoratoriums for All (That Can Afford It)

Ideally, a snoratorium is completely soundproofed so that the snoring individual cannot be heard once the door is closed. It is also recommended that a snoratorium have some type of noise generator to help mask the sound for the snorer inside, such as a fish tank. One of the less common features is a larger bed–some encourage visitors in the snoratorium, but others do not.

Legacy of the Snoratorium

Although the snoratorium per se has largely become a forgotten concept just a few years on, its legacy remains. A recent survey suggests that a full 30-40% of couples sleep apart , primarily because of snoring. This is a continuation of the trend that was encapsulated in the snoratorium, a flight from dealing with the serious issue of snoring.

Unfortunately, we haven’t learned the essential lesson of the snoratorium’s poster family: sleeping apart won’t necessarily save your marriage. This belief comes from the misconception that the only one being hurt by snoring is the person who sleeps with the snorer. Even if sleeping apart does help this person, the snorer continues to suffer consequences of poor sleep that can still lead to increased conflict in the couple. The only real way to eliminate snoring-related problems is to eliminate snoring.

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