A new industry analysis predicts that the rising prevalence of snoring is a big opportunity for makers of anti-snoring devices. However, they note that there’s a major obstacle to companies wanting to take advantage of this potential growth: compliance. Because many anti-snoring devices are uncomfortable and hard to use, people won’t see benefit and won’t use or recommend them.

man laying on his back with bulky CPAP mask on

A Remarkable Growth Rate

The growing obesity epidemic is likely to lead to higher rates of snoring and associated impacts such as sleep apnea. Although the rate of obesity increase in the US is slowing down, it is still increasing. (2014’s estimated obesity rate was not significantly different from 2013, which was not significantly different from 2012’s obesity rate, although there was a slight increase in both years.)

However, the market growth rate for anti-snoring devices is expected to be much higher.

According to this new market report, the anti-snoring market will be growing much faster. The market for anti-snoring devices is expected to grow by an average of 3.9% every year from 2016 to 2024. That adds up to a total growth in the market of about 35% over that period.

The Compliance Problem

A 35% growth in any market represents a great opportunity, and has inspired many people to enter the market who were not previously providing these types of services. But, frankly, many of the new entrants to the field are not capable of meeting people’s needs when it comes to anti-snoring devices.

We often talk about the problem of compliance with CPAP , which is the leading treatment for sleep apnea. But we haven’t addressed the compliance problem for anti-snoring devices, which is actually very high for over-the-counter (OTC) devices.

There are several reasons why OTC anti-snoring devices have poor compliance rates. This includes:

  • Difficulty understanding usage instructions
  • Difficulty adjusting device
  • No adjustability in device
  • Wearing device is uncomfortable
  • Device doesn’t work
  • Device breaks

For these reasons, when people buy OTC anti-snoring treatments, they may use them for a little while, but they often give them up. People who come to our office have often tried several OTC remedies, typically for a few weeks, but sought professional care because these didn’t work. We supply them with a device that they are comfortable with and end up using for years.

How Professional Anti-Snoring Devices Differ

Professional oral appliance have very high compliance rates. So what makes professional anti-snoring devices different? There are many reasons why professional anti-snoring devices are used more than OTC devices.

When we design a device to treat your snoring, we make sure it is precisely fitted for maximum comfort. You’ll actually want to wear the device. We’ll explain how to use it, demonstrate its use, and make sure you know how to get it working before you leave our office. You can call with questions or come in for a refresher. We’ll show you how to adjust the device to improve function and fit, too.

Professional devices are also designed for long-term wear. They are made of durable plastics and high-quality alloys to ensure durability. They usually come with warranties that allow for low- or no-cost replacement if they get damaged.

But most importantly, the anti-snoring devices we use work. We can tell you before we begin whether we can help you, and if we do, we can resolve your snoring about 90% of the time.

Don’t Give Up on Anti-Snoring Devices

If you’ve tried every OTC anti-snoring device on the market, you might feel your snoring is hopeless, but it’s not. Don’t be tempted by weird or extreme solutions. We offer comfortable, functional alternatives to OTC devices.

Do you want to learn whether we can help your snoring? Please call (402) 493-4175 today for an appointment with an Omaha sleep dentist at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center.