Snoring is a difficult problem that couples have to negotiate together. Even if a snorer might not want to get treatment for himself, he has to consider how his partner might feel.

Now a new survey reveals the extent of that impact. It also shows that the impact is so serious that 1 in 6 people have considered leaving their partner over snoring.

The Consequences of Snoring

This is not an authoritative survey, but it does provide us with some interesting insights into how snoring impacts the lives of people. The survey included a nationwide sample of 1500 people from the UK in relationships. The prevalence of snoring in the survey was very high: 78% of couples surveyed included at least one snorer. The nonsnoring partner reported serious consequences as a result of their partner’s snoring. In fact, 14% said their partner’s snoring completely deprives them of sleep. Partners tried to get better sleep by moving to a spare room in 19% of cases, or even to a child’s room in 5% of cases.

Snoring often becomes a source of dispute. In fact, one in 18 (nearly 6%) say that snoring is all they fight about. The lines of conflict start with the basic facts of snoring. Nearly 60% of snorers claim that their partner is exaggerating the sound. In response, 28% of partners have recorded snoring. The conflicts lead to serious psychological consequences, with a third of people saying they are at wits’ end, and nearly 7% said they are becoming depressed as a result. And, of course, nearly 1 in 6 say they have considered leaving their partner over the issue. The survey didn’t ask about violence, but we know that happens.

Finding a Solution

Snoring is not an easy problem to solve. First, people try to identify the causes of snoring. Over half of those surveyed say that weight gain is to blame. Alcohol consumption was also implicated as a cause of snoring.

But identifying these causes doesn’t magically solve the problem. Getting a partner to lose weight or give up alcohol is not easy. That in and of itself can be a major source of conflict and can cause couples to break up. And, of course, there are the negative messages people get from partners who don’t get snoring treatment.

Fortunately, there are other approaches to help control snoring. An oral appliance is an easy, convenient way to reduce or eliminate snoring. An oral appliance does require a couple of visits to a sleep dentist to ensure proper fit, but after that, it requires almost no effort and can easily fit into your daily schedule. Just put the appliance in when you get into bed.

Snoring doesn’t have to be a source of tension in your house. Let us help you find the right solution to your snoring so that you and everyone in your house can enjoy peace, both day and night. To learn more about snoring solutions in Omaha, please call (402) 493-4175 today for an appointment with a sleep dentist at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center.