Although we mocked the promotional nature of the snoring survey we talked about last week, it’s worth noting that your pillow really can make a difference in how you sleep. Here’s some advice on finding the best pillow for how you sleep.

Do You Need to Replace Your Pillow?

The primary method to judge whether you need to replace your pillow or not is whether you are still sleeping comfortably. If you’re not sleeping comfortably any more, it may be time to replace your pillow. You may also check to see if it is still ventilating well enough (puffing back up when crushed), and consider staining and smells.

Sleep Position Matters

Consider your sleep position. The key is that whatever position you sleep in, the pillow should hold your neck straight. If you tend to sleep on your back, the pillow should cradle your head, allowing it to sink in just enough so it isn’t pushed forward or doesn’t loll backward. If you sleep on your side, you’ll probably want a firmer pillow that supports your head at neck level and stays clear of your breathing space in front of your mouth. If you sleep on your stomach, you want a thin pillow or none at all, and perhaps you should consider placing a pillow under your stomach for support.

Getting the Right Fill

The most common fill materials are down, polyester fibers, and foam. The type of fill will determine the supportiveness and comfort of the pillow. For the most part, finding a good fill material is a very personal decision–try resting on a few in the store before you decide to buy.

And don’t forget to check them for heat retention. Rest on the pillow for a few seconds, then lift your head up and feel how warm the spot is. A pillow that retains more heat will lead to sweatier nights.

More Than One Pillow?

It’s not unusual for people to feel differently about their pillows on different days. If this is you, consider getting multiple pillows for different nights. Decorative pillowcases or shams can be used to put multiple pillows on the bed without having it seem incongruous. That way, you’ll always have your pillow options ready at hand and can pick the right one to match your mood.

Don’t Believe Snoring Treatment Claims

Although it’s true that sleeping position influences your snoring, anti-snoring treatment pillows are rarely as effective as they claim, and for most people they make little difference. Unless your doctor prescribes a specific pillow, don’t count on therapeutic pillows to justify the investment.

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