There are many joys of hunting. You get to enjoy nature in times and places where there are few humans around. You spend time with beloved companions, whether that’s your friends, family, or just your dog. You have time to spend in quiet reflection, and the results of your reflection are thrown into sharp relief in the mortal struggle against the object of your hunt. You enjoy the sense of self-sufficiency that comes from being able to hunt, kill, and prepare your own food. The months when you get to hunt are precious.

Unfortunately, when you have sleep apnea, it could be dramatically undermining your ability to enjoy this noble hobby. Fortunately, treatment can help you get back the joy of the hunt.

Sleep Apnea Makes It Hard to Get Up

Getting up and getting out early has its own joy. It’s part of the work that contributes to the success of your venture. But that becomes much harder when you have sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, you haven’t slept well overnight. This is different from the pre-hunt jitters that make it hard to sleep the night before for some people. When you have sleep apnea, you never get enough rest, so you’re chronically exhausted.

When you have sleep apnea, you’ll wake up feeling unrested, and may have a headache. This can make it very hard to get out early for your hunting trip.

Sleep Apnea Makes It Hard to Stay Alert

Many days hunting you spend time waiting for your quarry. Sitting still and quiet is one of the hardest things to do when you’ve got sleep apnea. You’re very likely to fall asleep, and your snoring will likely drive away any potential targets.

If you’re walking around bird hunting, it’s not much better. You get exhausted early and find that your attention wanders. It’s hard to keep focused on the task and you wear out much faster.

Sleep Apnea Makes It Hard to Get Better at Hunting

Hunting is a lifelong passion, and one of the joys is how you get better at it year after year. Only, with sleep apnea, you might not be getting better. Because you consolidate your skill learning during sleep, sleep apnea makes it harder to get better at anything, including hunting.

Sleep apnea also depresses your reaction time, making it harder to respond to a fast-moving bird or antelope.

Treatment Can Restore Your Joy

Sleep apnea has the ability to rob the joy from nearly any activity you like. Fortunately, sleep apnea treatment can reverse the effects, allowing you to get back to all your hobbies. With better rest, restored learning, and improved alertness, you’ll be much happier hunting if your sleep apnea is treated.

With an oral appliance , there’s no reason why sleep apnea treatment would have to interfere with your hunting trips.

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