Normally, when a celebrity talks about a problem they or their spouse or child has, it’s good for the cause. If nothing else, we see an increased awareness of the issue, which can lead more people to seek help, and therefore lead people to get treatment when they otherwise wouldn’t.

But with Kellie Pickler’s recent focus on snoring , we see the exact opposite. She might very well be preventing people from getting treatment because of the way the issue is handled.

Angry woman holds pillow over her ears while husband lays next to her snoring

Just an Annoying Sound

First of all, the way the TV couple deals with the issue on I Love Kellie Pickler is treating snoring as just a nuisance. They talk about the sound of snoring as a nuisance for Kellie. She is bothered by the noise, so they need to find a solution to the noise issue, not the potential health issues faced by her husband Kyle. They don’t talk about sleep apnea or its dangers.

Played for Laughs

As you might expect, if we’re only dealing with the sound issue in the episode, it’s all about a series of gags that focus on the sound. There’s no serious consideration of the possible ramifications of snoring and why it might be important to get it treated.

People already treat snoring as a joke. We don’t need more reinforcement of that attitude.

Focus on Home Remedies

Another big problem with the way they focus on snoring is that they just focus on at-home remedies for snoring. The couple buys many different over-the-counter gadgets that claim to treat snoring. Then they try them all at once, barely reading the instructions. The result, of course, is that they don’t resolve his snoring and make more people think that there’s no cure for snoring.

And, of course, her “hilarious” solution to his snoring is to pinch his nose while he’s sleeping, which wakes him up but doesn’t actually help.

Need to Show Progress

This is not the first time Kellie Pickler has talked about her husband’s snoring. Unfortunately, the focus has always been on the humorous aspect of the issue. Last time she threatened her husband with an unusual solution , and they haven’t moved much beyond that. It would be nice if her thinking and practice on this issue would have evolved in the last couple years.

Kellie Pickler then becomes a good example of how not to treat snoring. She shows how many couples may continue struggling with this issue year after year without making any progress. And, we suppose, that may have its value. If people know they’re not supposed to emulate her.

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