Last week, Kellie Pickler was on Ellen promoting her new reality show I Love Kellie Pickler, which included talk about her husband. Although she said she loved her husband Kyle Jacobs, there was one thing she couldn’t take: his snoring.

She’s “Jealous” of His Ability to Sleep

Kellie and Ellen talked first about how Kellie had gotten to meet and kiss Clint Eastwood on a previous appearance, which she said her husband wasn’t too upset about.

But the main point of contention in the otherwise happy couple is his snoring. Kellie says she has insomnia and that she can’t go to sleep. When they go to bed, she takes hours to fall asleep, and he falls right asleep and begins snoring. She wakes him up and tells him to stop snoring, and she threatens him with an unusual solution to his snoring. At first, Kellie was very reluctant to share the threat, because she thought it was too obscene and wouldn’t make the edit on air, but eventually she revealed that she was planning on putting tampons in his nose to stop the snoring.

Would It Work?

But what most people in TV land are probably wondering is whether this unusual solution would work, because, if it did, there are many wives who would try it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this solution would probably not work. Many people think that the nose is the primary source of sound in snoring, but in most cases it’s not. Instead, the soft palate or the throat are the sources of sound.

Even if Kellie’s husband may currently be generating noise because of narrowed airways in the nose, if his nostrils were blocked, he would likely snore when breathing through his mouth, too. Instead of the nostrils, the sound would come from some other part of the airway.

The secret to stopping snoring isn’t blocking the airway, it’s opening it up. A true snoring solution depends on identifying where the airway is narrowed and finding a way to open it. Oral appliances work well for many sources of snoring, and we can quickly identify if they will work for you.

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