People need to understand that snoring is more than just an annoying noise. Whatever we can do to help people realize this is a step forward.

That’s what ZDoggMD tried to do with his video “ Snore”, which parodies the Katy Perry song “Roar.” Because this song has become a perennial radio favorite and the substitution is so obvious, it’s easy to get it into your head, which reinforces the message. And along the way ZDoggMD helps share some important information about snoring.

What You Need to Know about Snoring

The video parody highlights many important aspects of snoring, including:

  • Snoring is often caused by a loose or “floppy” airway
  • Poor sleep increases risks of car accidents
  • Snoring is linked to obstructive sleep apnea
  • Apneas reduce your oxygen saturation
  • Apnea is bad for your heart
  • CPAP treats sleep apnea and snoring

All in under two minutes.

What the Video Leaves Out

Although the video does include a lot of important information about sleep apnea and its treatment, it also leaves out some very important details. We can’t really expect the video to go into all the dangers related to sleep apnea, so we’re giving ZDoggMD a pass on that.

However, there is no excuse for pretending that CPAP is the only treatment for snoring or sleep apnea. Oral appliances offer a great treatment alternative to CPAP. They can deliver results that are just as good, reducing blood pressure and eliminating daytime sleepiness. And they do it without the need for a stifling mask or hose.

Unfortunately, ZDogg, like many other MDs, just doesn’t seem to be aware of this treatment option. Or, if he is aware, he doesn’t give the treatment its due attention.

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