We know that snoring is still considered our biggest annoyance in bed , but you wouldn’t think that it’d make someone call the cops on you. Especially if that someone was your hot date from just a few hours before. But last week’s episode of Outrageous 911 showed a man calling for police to get rid of the woman who was snoring in his bed.

From Hot Date to Noisy Nuisance

It seems that just a few hours before the two had been getting along famously, and the man invited the woman back to his place for a “nightcap.” She went to the bedroom while he went to pour the nightcap, but when he returned with the drink, she was asleep. Then the man climbed into bed, too, and fell asleep. Until her snoring woke him up, that is. And that’s when he decided he wanted her gone badly enough to call 911.

Snoring Is a Relationship Killer

Although it’s unlikely that your next date is going to call 911 on you because of your snoring, noisy breathing is one of the more contentious issues in a relationship. It can lead to conflict in which both people are unable to have a rational discussion because neither person is getting enough sleep. In extreme circumstances, it causes women to stab their husbands (which can also lead to a 911 call).

Ironically, in the episode a police officer explains that they can’t remove the snoring woman because “sleep apnea isn’t a crime”. Although the man didn’t call about sleep apnea, and we don’t know if the woman has it, sleep apnea is the real emergency, because sleep apnea kills.

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