adult man sleeping and snoringIf you’ve spent much time on the Internet at all, the odds are good that you’ve seen a video of snoring. Maybe it was a dog, like a big bulldog. Or maybe it was a baby, snoozing away. But whatever the subject, the chances are the video had lots of “likes” and hearts, plus oodles of positive comments. The response the video gets and the response you get at home–elbows in the ribs, angry accusations, and more–can’t be more different.

But before you feel too upset about this, it’s important to understand why some can get away with snoring, while others can’t.

Not in My Bedroom

Of course, the biggest reason why people can give likes and hearts and all kinds of good commentary on videos of dogs and babies snoring is that they don’t have to sleep with the person or animal. It’s a lot easier to feel happier with a video of someone snoring when it’s a quick social media break from your workday than it is when the snoring is in your bedroom and it’s keeping you awake.

People would probably feel much different about the baby or dog if it were in their bedroom keeping them up at night.

Ring the Decibels

Of course, this isn’t the only reason why it’s different. After all, often the person making the video is also talking about how cute and amusing the snoring is.

This could be because the actual volume of the snoring is radically different. When a baby snores, it’s a light drone, maybe like a small clockwork. But when an adult snores, especially an adult man, the volume of the snoring could be as high as a loud engine or vacuum cleaner. It’s really hard to regard running the vacuum at night as something cute because it’s so likely to keep you up at night.

Inherent Cuteness

And we can’t dismiss the power of raw cuteness that babies and dogs have going for them. You don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror to know just how much more people are going to coo over your children, grandchildren, and pets than they are over you.

Plus there’s the fact that it’s such an unusual thing for babies and dogs to do. However, it’s a very common thing for an adult man (or even woman) to do. Think about the cuteness of putting a toddler in a suit and tie compared to you putting on your suit and tie to go to work each morning.

They Can’t Help Themselves

People let babies and dogs get away with snoring in part because it’s felt that there’s nothing they can do about it. They are who they are, and their unconscious snoring shows they are sleeping with abandon seems so natural and normal.

But if you’re an adult, people don’t look at it that way. They know that there are things that can be done about snoring, and there’s really no good excuse for not trying snoring treatment. When you put off doing something about your snoring day after day, night after night, it becomes inexcusable. And the fact that you’re ignoring their complaints just makes them angrier.

Get Your Snoring Silenced

If you’re tired of constantly being criticized for your snoring, maybe now’s the time to do something about it.

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