Recently, a Nigerian man made the news because he beat his wife into a stupor after she accused him of snoring. What is surprising about this is not so much that it happened, but the level of surprise expressed by neighbors and others.

People who don’t live in a snoring household sometimes describe snoring as a “trivial issue” that “could be controlled with a little patience”. What neighbors and others don’t understand is the serious impact snoring can have on a couple, and the dangerous consequences that can develop if a snoring solution cannot be found.

One More Thing in a Trying Day

Snoring is rarely the only thing that drives couples to violence, but it’s an important contributor that tips the balance. In this case, for example, the man had already had an exhausting day. When asked about the events, he describes these as contributing to his violent outburst. He lost the motorcycle he depended on for livelihood. With the help of the police, he was able to retrieve his motorcycle, but it made for an exhausting day, so when he got home, all he wanted was to sleep.

When his wife woke him up to complain about his snoring, he lost control. Witnesses say he beat her into a stupor and was only stopped by the intervention of neighbors.

The man later apologized to his wife and thanked his neighbors for intervening. He described the episode as “the devil’s handiwork.”

For her part, the wife says she was angry not just over the snoring, but because the man had left her and the children without telling them where he had gone. Add that source of frustration to the snoring, and she couldn’t take it any more.

Get a Snoring Solution Today to Prevent Future Trouble

You might be tempted to think that this kind of situation couldn’t happen to you, but we’ve seen it too many times. Conflicts over snoring can transform a loving couple into an angry couple, and thoughtful individuals can become violent, impulsive.

That’s because snoring deprives both partners of sleep, even though only one may know they’re losing sleep. Over time, sleep deprivation builds up, and can lead to violent confrontations over the noise and lack of sleep. Like the man in this story, people can feel outside themselves, completely out of their own control.

Snoring and sleep solutions have to be mutual, but in the end the only guaranteed solution is the elimination of snoring. This can allow couples to resolve other related issues without the additional burden of sleep deprivation. Solutions like trying to sleep in another room are often inadequate to stop the disturbance and the violence.

Don’t be like the neighbors in this case and dismiss snoring as a “trivial issue.” Take it seriously and get snoring treatment. To learn about effective custom snoring treatment in Omaha, please call (402) 493-4175 today for an appointment with a sleep dentist.