If you have been admitted to the hospital for heart failure, it’s time to make sure that you get evaluated for sleep apnea, or you could find yourself back in the hospital again soon, according to a new study.

Sleep Apnea Affects Your Outcome after a Heart Failure

The study showed that people with sleep apnea were more likely to be back in the hospital with another heart condition at three and six months after release, and they were two-thirds more likely to die within three years of their first heart failure. The study looked at 1117 patients who were admitted for acute decompensated heart failure and compared people with central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, and no sleep disordered breathing.

They found that not only was sleep apnea much more likely to result in increased readmission and early death, but that central sleep apnea tended to be worse for patients in terms of readmission, but not in terms of early death, which means that obstructive sleep apnea is likely just as dangerous as central sleep apnea in the long run.

Protecting Yourself from Repeated Heart Failure

According to a lead author of the study, sleep apnea is most common comorbidity (condition experienced at the same time) with heart failure. About 70% of people admitted with heart failure have sleep apnea. However, people who are admitted with heart failure aren’t currently tested for sleep apnea, although this research shows that not doing so puts them at increased risk for readmission.

If you have had a heart failure and you haven’t been tested for sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you get tested now. It could save your life.

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