We’ve already noted that snoring is not helpful for burglars , but what about car thieves? You’d think a person would be able to stay awake during a chase, but it turns out that’s not always the case, especially for someone whose loud snores probably mean they’re not sleeping well at night.

Routine Stop Leads to a Chase

The sheriff’s deputy called in some backup, including a K-9 unit, to help search for the man who, it turns out, had stolen the truck.

Not Even a Comfy Hiding Place

After searching for the suspect, deputies heard a very loud snoring coming from under a trailer. When they investigated the source, they found the car thief had dozed off while hiding. He was awakened as he was taken into custody. He was charged with motor vehicle theft and resisting an officer.

Do You Doze Off During Activities?

This car thief exhibited classic symptoms that show he wasn’t just a snorer–he likely had sleep apnea. First, the volume of his snoring is worrisome. It isn’t always the case, but the louder the snore , the more risk a person has of having sleep apnea. The most concerning symptom, of course, is his sleepiness. People with sleep apnea are getting much less rest at night than they think based on the hours they spend in bed. As a result, they tend to doze off during activities like watching TV, reading, and even driving.

We don’t want to encourage criminal activity, but whatever your lifestyle, you will be better equipped to enjoy it if you have your snoring and sleep apnea treated.

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