We’ve said it before: snoring can really put the kibosh on your life of crime (though we may not have put it quite that way before). Sometimes, it can make you fall asleep in the middle of your crime spree , leading to your arrest.

But even more often, it can interfere with what is otherwise a perfect escape, as it did in the past for a car thief trying to escape from police. More recently, it led to the arrest of a criminal who thought he’d found the perfect hiding place to escape a drug bust.

Serving a Warrant Reveals Drug Operation

The drug bust occurred in Brookside, Alabama, where police were serving a warrant at a home and stumbled on a drug operation. They immediately proceeded to arrest people in the house, taking several into custody.

Thinking they had arrested all the suspects, police began to inventory the contraband they had discovered, which included taking pictures of tables covered with drugs, paraphernalia, money, and a gun. Officers then noticed a strange sound coming from the nearby dryer. When they investigated, they found the suspect, Michael Christopher Davis, “folded up like he was in a shirt pocket” and sleeping, just three feet from where they were performing their inventory.

Snoring Is a Sign of Poor Sleep

It’s hard to believe that someone in such an uncomfortable position could fall asleep like that, especially with the excitement of potentially being arrested by the nearby police. Of course, if Davis was a regular snorer, this isn’t as big a surprise, because snoring makes it hard for you to sleep, and can contribute to falling asleep in inappropriate situations, such as while at work, while driving, or, apparently, while hiding out from cops.

Snoring Can Drive You to a Life of Crime

While we wouldn’t encourage anyone to get snoring treated in support of their life of crime, we do think that all snorers should consider getting treatment. After all, snoring can actually cause you to enter a life of crime. For example, consider the woman who stabbed her husband because of his snoring , the woman who assaulted her boyfriend with a pry bar , or the man who got so drunk before attempting snoring surgery on his own nose that he threatened family and friends with a gun.

So, if you want to stay on the right side of the law, it’s best to get your snoring treated. To learn more about successful snoring treatment in Omaha, please call (402) 493-4175 for an appointment with a sleep dentist at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center today.