Whoever said a life of crime was easy? Sometimes, a crime spree can just wear you out. At least, that’s what happened to one burglar in Lake County, Florida.

A Hard Night of Crime

After burglarizing several businesses and one car, the burglar broke into a home and found he was all burgled out. So, instead of going for the silver and jewelry, he went for the icebox and popped himself a beer. Previously unarmed, he also grabbed the butcher knife for defense in case he was discovered.

He then went and sat down on the couch. Finding himself tired with the beer, the lateness of the hour, and all the burgling, he got a blanket and went to sleep.

Discovered in the Morning

In the morning, the resident was surprised to hear snoring coming from her couch because she lives alone. She called police, who removed the blanket and disarmed the man before awakening him.

On his person, they found that the suspected burglar–who has a record of previous convictions including grand theft, drug possession, and assault–had evidence on his person that linked him to the previous night’s crimes, including three other burglaries and a car break-in.

Snoring Saps Your Energy

Not that we would ever want to encourage illegal nocturnal activities, but snoring is a sign that this burglar was not getting quality sleep.

Snoring is the sound of a constricted airway, which means that your access to air is reduced. Even without sleep apnea , snoring is associated with lower-quality sleep, diminished daytime energy, and increased daytime sleepiness. If you find yourself without the energy to stay awake for your normal activities (hopefully not burglary), it’s time to have a sleep test to determine why.

To learn what’s leading to your lack of energy, please contact the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha.