In yet another example of how snoring can make people violent, Lincoln police report that a woman beat her boyfriend with a pry bar because she was irritated at his snoring.

Man Driven from Motel Room

The girlfriend was still angry when police found her. She initially slammed the door on officers. As she was being arrested she said that someone should kill her boyfriend, because he was always getting under someone’s skin.

The girlfriend is being charged with third degree domestic assault, and it has been ordered that she have no contact with the victim.

Snoring Can Lead to Assault

This is not the first time we’ve talked about how serious snoring can be when it comes to personal relationships. Although this is just a boyfriend and girlfriend, married couples can also get into fights and maybe even serious violence because of snoring. We have even seen roommates who throw out their friends who snore.

If you are a snorer, don’t wait until those around you finally snap in the middle of the night and engage in violent acts because they are tired as well as irritated. It can be hard to think clearly because you yourself are not sleeping well , but it’s important to seek treatment before the situation escalates.

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