According to a new study, many people believe that snoring is interfering with their sex life. Apart from the physical effects of sleep apnea on your sexual abilities, this survey focused on the impact snoring has on your relationship with your partners.

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Mostly Middle-Aged Respondents

One common effect of snoring is to force partners into separate bedrooms. In this survey, this occurred in 37% of respondents, and it resulted in them feeling emotionally distant from their partners, according to about 70% of men and 65% of women.

With these negative impacts, it’s not surprising that 1 in 5 people said that snoring was the cause of a relationship ending, including breakups and divorce.

Snoring Affects Your Health, Happiness, and Quality of Life

This is just the most recent study that highlights the impact of snoring on your quality of life. Sleep apnea can reduce your happiness and make it harder for you to go about your daily activities. Even if you don’t have sleep apnea, snoring is a sign that you are not breathing properly when you sleep, which leads to decreased sleep quality and therefore decreased rest.

Snoring can lead to violence , but even when it doesn’t it’s likely to lead to disagreements and fights.

If you want peace in your house, you should consider snoring treatment to reduce or eliminate the sound of disordered sleep. Don’t be discouraged if you have tried over-the-counter treatments with no success–we can help you get an effective snoring treatment.

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