Most people enjoy reduced snoring in the summer because of a combination of factors. Especially since winter weather can increase the risk of pneumonia for sleep apnea patients who use CPAP. With spending more time outside and being active, they’ve shed their extra winter weight, and with cold season and spring allergy season behind us, the majority of people are breathing easy.

But there are two groups of people who aren’t necessarily breathing so easy: those with summer allergies and those with a serious problem that needs treatment. Cutting down on summer allergens will tell you which category you’re in.

man giving his girlfriend a piggy back ride while taking a walk outdoorsTwo Sources of Summer Snoring Allergies

Omaha was named one of the country’s allergy capitals for its tendency to get exposed to allergens all year long. This includes the summer when trees and grasses are pollinating. Fortunately, right now, these are down pretty low.

The other source of allergies in the summer is indoor allergens. These days many of us spend our summer in air-conditioned spaces, which can spread allergens the same way your forced air heat does. It may even be a little worse because the warmth and moisture of summer allow the dust mite population to explode.

So can allergies make you snore? Yes! Allergies and snoring go hand in hand, even during summer. The key to reducing snoring during summer when you suffer from sleep apnea is to get your allergies under control.

Controlling Allergies at Home

To reduce indoor allergens, make sure you’re not keeping your house too moist because this can encourage the growth of molds. If you have a humidifier, make sure it’s not too high. Check for leaks and other sources of indoor water. Also, make sure you’re using an adequate air filter and make sure you change it regularly. Using a CPAP humidifier in the summer can help reduce the occurrence of snoring even more, especially when the air is dry.

You can reduce dust mites by putting plastic around mattresses and box springs and regularly washing your bedding in hot water. Washing pets regularly to reduce the amount of dander they shed can also help. And, if you have the heart for it, keep them out of your bed.

Still Suffering From Allergies and Snoring?

If you’re still snoring, your list of options is running thin. Speaking of thin, if you haven’t actually lost your winter weight, that’s a place to start. And then . . . well, it’s time to admit that you have a problem. A problem that needs professional help from our sleep dentists in Omaha.

If you’re ready to admit that your snoring is a real problem, please call (402) 493-4175 for an appointment with Omaha sleep dentists at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center.