There are a couple of caveats before we get into this survey. First, it’s from Northern Ireland, so there are likely some demographic differences between there and here.

The survey shows that snoring is the number one annoyance people experience in bed. Although the survey starts with this type of mundane question, it quickly turns bizarre.

Snoring Is the Biggest Problem in Bed

People surveyed listed many things their partner did in bed that woke them up or annoyed them, and snoring was the overwhelming winner, named by 61% of people, followed by stealing the quilt (24%) and fidgeting in bed (16%).

Difficulty Sleeping

The majority of people reported having trouble sleeping, with 60% saying they regularly had trouble falling asleep, and 40% admitting they regularly use sleep aids such as pills, lavender oil, and “other methods.” The information we’ve been given is strangely incomplete, and doesn’t tell us whether this 40% includes the 17% of people still count sheep when having trouble sleeping.

It also tells us that 36% of people sleep on pillows “over the recommended age,” but it doesn’t tell us what the recommended age of pillows is.

It also throws in the random assertion that farmers rank highest in sleeping naked in a starfish position.

Oddly Local Insights

In trying to find a more complete version of the survey findings, I came across a version of the survey as reported by the Derry Journal , which notes a number of findings about their own county, such as that they are four times more likely to share their bed with their pet (than perhaps a human bed partner?) or that they prefer to sleep on the right hand side of the bed.

Intimate Questions

The survey also asked what people tended to wear to sleep. It revealed that most people prefer to wear pajamas (56%) instead of shorts or a onesie (not the baby onesie you’re thinking of. It’s more like a tracksuit), and only 10% like to sleep in the nude (though it doesn’t break down the number for farmers).

The survey also asked people whether they would choose to sleep with their current bed partner, a heartthrob (listed ones included George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Audrey Hepburn, and Michelle Keegan), or their pet. Two thirds (67%) chose their current bed partner, and 5% chose their pet.

No Weird Questions

If you are tired of your snoring–or your spouse is tired of your snoring–we promise not to ask you any embarrassing questions like whether you sleep nude in a starfish position or not, we’ll just try to match you up with a comfortable, effective, and convenient snoring solution.

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