Many people are dismayed to learn one day that they are snorers. This can be quite startling for some people, who were always proud that they slept quietly and now find that snoring has completely changed their self-image.

But what is the cause for your sudden change in status? How did you join the ranks of the snorers? Here are a few common reasons why people discover that they’re snorers and what you can do about it.

There’s Someone to Listen Now

This may seem obvious, but it has to be said. Many snorers don’t know they’re snorers simply because there’s no one there to tell them.

You might wonder, why wouldn’t my snoring wake me? The answer is that it probably did, but you fell back asleep. You probably don’t realize how much your sleep was suffering as a result of your snoring.

Alcohol and Medications

Another reason why people suddenly start snoring is that their habits have changed. If you have started drinking alcohol in larger quantities, drinking more frequently, or drinking at different times, it could contribute to your snoring. Try switching your drinking back to previous levels to see if it helped.

Also, if you’ve started a new medication, it could contribute to your snoring. This may be a known side effect, so talk to your doctor. Sometimes your dosage or its timing can be adjusted to reduce snoring.

Weight and Exercise

Sometimes you might start snoring because of changes in your health. If you’ve put on even a small amount of weight (perhaps as little as 5 pounds) or stopped exercising, you might notice that you’re snoring a lot more.

Weight that accumulates on the throat or tongue can make your airway more likely to collapse. A lack of exercise can contribute to a loss of muscle tone that also makes your airway more likely to collapse. A narrow or constricted airway is what causes snoring.

You can try to reverse this, but it can be harder than you think. When your sleep is disrupted, it can be hard to exercise and even harder to lose weight. Many people like to get treatment for snoring before starting exercise or weight loss programs.

Age and Hormones

Aging can also contribute to your development of snoring. In particular, hormonal changes that impact the way the body functions. When they are younger, women are much less likely than men to snore, but after menopause women are just as likely as men to be snorers.

It’s not clear whether hormonal therapy will improve a woman’s snoring.

Want to Resolve Your Snoring?

If you’re unhappy now that you’re a snorer? The good news is that you don’t have to stay a snorer. We offer effective snoring treatment in Omaha so that you can resolve your snoring quickly. We can also evaluate your snoring to learn whether it’s just snoring or if it’s a more serious related condition called sleep apnea.

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