Snoring is caused by a complex combination of factors, and sometimes these factors can change dramatically when we move from place to place. Whether you moved across the country or just across Omaha, you might find yourself snoring a lot more than you used to at your old house.

Even if you can’t simply pick up and move back, though, you can probably get a remedy for your increased snoring.

woman covers her ears while husband snores loudly in bed next to her

Is Snoring Unhealthy?

Before we touch on the reasons why your snoring has gotten worse, it’s important to identify whether snoring is unhealthy and if it’s a rise for concern. Snoring is a type of sleep-disordered breathing. If you’re only snoring at certain times like when you’re sick, you don’t have much to worry about. However, if you or someone you know snores on a nightly basis, it can be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can increase your risk for severe health issues like heart disease and prevent you from feeling rested. On the other hand, if snoring isn’t related to sleep apnea, it can still affect you or your sleep partner’s sleep which is not healthy. In the end, frequent snoring requires medical attention and snoring treatment in Omaha, NE.

Why Has My Snoring Gotten Worse?

At the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center, we get a lot of patients complaining “My husband’s snoring has gotten worse,” or we hear about snoring partners ignoring the complaints about their snoring. Whether you’re in a new relationship or not, or have a snoring roommate, snoring can cause poor sleep which can affect your relationships and cause hostility in your home. It will also end the honeymoon phase of your relationship real quick. If you’ve noticed you or someone else’s snoring has gotten worse since you moved into a new home, there are a few reasons why this might occur.

1. Allergens

One of the most common culprits in snoring that varies seasonally is allergens. This can be outdoor allergens, such as pollen or spores, or it can be indoor allergens like dust and dander.

Allergens trigger an inflammatory response, which can lead to a narrowing of your airways, which causes snoring.

2. Pollution

If you used to live in a quiet residential neighborhood, but now you’re right off a major street, it’s no wonder if you’re snoring more than you used to. Pollution is as bad as smoking for snoring. It irritates your airway, causing it to swell and narrow.

3. Diet

Leaving all your favorite restaurants means more than just not getting to enjoy your favorite entree. It can have a significant impact on your snoring. Some of the ingredients used at the new restaurant may cause mild food allergies, swelling your airway.

Also, if you have swapped your old healthy habits for a new diet of greasy fried food, you may be experiencing weight gain, which can increase snoring. Even if you’re just eating fast food until you find the good local restaurants, you might see a noticeable impact.

4. Drink

Maybe one of the great features of your new home is all the great local bars within walking distance of home. This lets you hang out with friends almost every night at the bar. Not only is drinking too much potentially unhealthy for your body, but it can also contribute to snoring. Alcohol contributes to the sagging of your airway while you sleep, and it can take several hours before it works completely through your system.

5. Weather

One of the biggest things that may change with a cross-country move is the weather. If you moved from someplace moist to someplace dry, you may notice that your throat is a lot more scratchy than in the past. The dry weather can irritate your nasal passages, causing them to close and forcing you to breathe through your mouth.

This can be even worse in the winter because of low air temperatures outside and forced-air heating inside.

In the morning you may notice the dry, scratchy throat, but you probably missed the night of snoring.

Snoring Treatment in Omaha, NE

The good news is that all of these changes are relatively minor, causing small amounts of swelling in the airway. To reduce or eliminate snoring, all we have to do is open up your airway a little more to provide room for breathing despite minor snoring.

An oral appliance is the best way to do this. It’s comfortable, convenient, adjustable, and effective. To learn more about this treatment for snoring in Omaha, please call (402) 493-4175 today for a new patient appointment with an Omaha sleep dentist at the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center.