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Should I Use CPAP When I’m Sick?

With colds, the flu, and COVID-19 floating around, the side effects of each illness can prevent you from getting a good night of sleep. Especially if you’re wearing a CPAP mask. Although CPAP does a great job of managing sleep apnea, it’s not the best treatment to use while you’re sick. If you’re coughing […]

By |December 16th, 2020|CPAP, Oral Appliance|

Should I Let My Doctor Fit Me with an Oral Appliance?

Normally, sleep physicians know better than to try to fit oral appliances for their patients. They know that this is an area of practice best left to trained sleep dentists who understand how the appliance interacts with the oral environment, including your airway, teeth, gums, and jaw.

However, sometimes your general doctor might think they are […]

By |September 9th, 2015|Oral Appliance|