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Educational Videos Improve CPAP Compliance: Study

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is often considered the gold standard of sleep apnea treatment, and it’s hard to dispute that it does offer numerous benefits. When properly used, CPAP can provide essentially 100% relief from sleep apnea. However, the big problem is compliance. Perhaps half of the people prescribed CPAP fail [...]

How Effective Will New Sleep Apnea Drug Be?

Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition. It can kill through cardiovascular complications, dementia, cancer, kidney failure, and even car accidents. Fortunately, sleep apnea is treatable. Unfortunately, the most-prescribed sleep apnea treatment, CPAP, only helps about half of the patients prescribed. That’s because people find the treatment uncomfortable and inconvenient, so they [...]

Daytime Napping Associated with Sleep Apnea

In Mediterranean cultures, napping is a normal part of the daily routine. It’s part of people’s normal sleep pattern, and it’s associated with positive health, presumably because it helps relieve stress. However, in cultures where napping is not a normal part of a routine, it may be a sign of {{{{link id='50309' text='sleeping problems'}}}} [...]

Oral Appliances For Sleep Apnea Reduces Dementia Symptoms

Sleep is a powerful restorative for all parts of your body, including your brain. During sleep, your brain cleans itself of waste chemicals it generates during the day. When the brain can’t do that because sleep apnea interrupts sleep, the waste builds up in the brain, contributing to dementia. Now a [...]

Are You Clenching Your Teeth to Breathe?

If you clench your teeth at night, you might blame many different problems. Perhaps you have stress at work or home. Maybe you have bad dreams. Maybe you suspect jaw problems. However, there is one crucial cause of nighttime teeth clenching, also called sleep bruxism, that needs investigating: sleep apnea. If you think you [...]