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Couples Sleeping Apart for Snoring: How to Do It Right

It’s becoming more common for married couples to choose to sleep in separate rooms because of snoring. Sometimes dramatized as a “sleep divorce,” this step can actually help couples strengthen their marriage and avoid true divorce. However, before you decide to sleep apart from your partner, it’s important to take steps [...]

Is Catathrenia The Same As Snoring?

If you’re a noisy sleeper, it may be snoring, or it may be another condition that is closely related but isn’t necessarily as serious. It’s called catathrenia, otherwise known as night groaning, and it’s only recently come to light. Unlike snoring, catathrenia is a recent discovery. First reported in a 1983 case report, it [...]

By |January 18th, 2023|Snoring|

How to Sleep When Someone Is Snoring

Among the dangers of snoring is that it can lead to some serious conflicts if not properly addressed. For example, a wife who finds her husband snores so loud that she can’t sleep shouldn’t have to try to sleep through the snoring. Instead, it’s important to find a {{{{link id='50314' text='solution to snoring'}}}} that [...]

By |November 17th, 2022|Snoring|

Natural Snoring Solutions: Home Remedies That Work

Since we have more than a passing interest in snoring, we are always looking for more information about people’s personal experiences with it. The more we understand people’s snoring stories, the better we can reach out to them.  One great source for finding these personal stories is advice columns. The columns [...]

By |February 9th, 2022|Snoring|

Is Snoring Ruining Your Sex Life or Marriage?

Although snoring is often depicted as a humorous sound that your body can make, it’s often a sign of an underlying health problem like sleep apnea. It might look funny to see someone snoring on TV, but in real life, snoring can make a huge impact on relationships. Imagine trying to fall asleep and [...]