Sleep apnea is a serious condition, and as long as it goes untreated, your health is at risk. That’s why we work hard with the insurance companies and do everything possible on our end to help you understand costs and coverage for your sleep apnea treatment.


We are a provider under the medical network, not dental. We are in-network with most insurance companies, including Medicare and Tricare, and we will work with your insurance company to fill out all your paperwork so you don’t have to contend with it.

Sleep apnea is recognized as a serious medical condition, and oral appliance therapy is considered a standard treatment that is covered by nearly all insurance companies.

Oral appliances are considered durable medical equipment (DME)—the same as CPAP or, for that matter, a wheelchair.

Every person’s individual cost depends on their insurance plan. We will help you understand the terms of your insurance so you know exactly how much your oral appliance will cost, before you move forward with treatment.

Payment Options

At our office, we accept: Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, most Flexible Spending Account Cards, and most Health Savings Debit Cards.


Sleep apnea treatment isn’t something you should have to save up for. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you start to heal.

That’s why we offer CareCredit financing for people who either have no insurance or for those who may have high deductibles. Click here to apply today.

CareCredit is just like a credit card you use to purchase healthcare. But unlike a credit card, you can get no-interest financing if you pay off your balance within the promotional period, which may be 6 or 12 months depending on the purchase. Or you can choose a fixed payment plan up to 60 months. This plan incorporates your interest payments, but allows you the assurance of being able to pay the same amount every month.

Don’t let cost keep you from getting the care you need. To learn more about insurance and financing, please contact the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center in Omaha if you have more questions.

Dental Warranty

We provide our patients with the option of an extended warranty from Dental Warranty Corp. As long as you make your regular follow-up visits, your oral appliance is covered for repair or replacement. This coverage is comprehensive:

  • No Fault: We don’t care how it broke. If it’s broken, it’s covered.
  • Portable: Your coverage follows you wherever you go. If you move out of Omaha, you are welcome to come back to our office so Dr. Sheets can do repairs herself, but you can also get repairs done at a nearby office that participates in the Dental Warranty program.
  • Durable: Your coverage is valid for the full period, even if Dr. Sheets is no longer practicing. You will be referred to the nearest participating dentist for treatment.

This coverage gives you the assurance that if something does happen to your oral appliance, it’s covered- you won’t have to pay for repairs or for a new appliance out of your own pocket.*

*Some exclusions apply.