Orthondontic treatment is often carried out to provide an improved bite. But orthodontic treatment can also be provided for purely cosmetic reasons – to improve the appearance of your teeth and face

Because Dr. Roubal is committed to offering treatments that are designed to suit your individual needs, Omaha’s Advanced Dentistry offers a range of orthodontic devices or braces, including traditional, straight wire, viazis (newer, faster moving orthodontic brackets), and tip-edge braces and even the DNA Appliance™, a highly-advanced orthodontic appliance.

Since 1980, Dr. Roger Roubal has extensively studied orthodontics and orthopedics (creating healthy jaw relationships without extractions, jaw surgery or headgear). He has studied with doctors in many major cities in the United States, who have dedicated their lives to research, development, and education in these areas of orthodontic dentistry.

Advanced orthopedics
Symmetry defines beauty. Orthopedic treatment changes the size, shape, and relationship of the bones of the face and jaws to create symmetry. While orthodontics move teeth, orthopedics work to change jaw position. This type of treatment can also create space or relieve the crowding of teeth by growing bone.

We accomplish this by using removable or bonded dental appliances. Here are just some of the results you can achieve through orthopedics at Advanced Dentistry.

  • Create space for teeth to avoid extractions
  • Reposition the jaw to create a better front and side-view profile
  • Support lips to correct a “sunken or small lip” appearance
  • Broaden a smile
  • Increase facial height to create a more proportionate, attractive face
  • Eliminate the need for jaw surgery

In some cases, adults can use orthopedic appliances. “Part-time wear” appliances are available to correct the crowding or spacing of one or two teeth. Dr. Roubal also uses a clear appliance system to correct minor generalized crowding issues. These appliances need to be worn consistently except for daily cleanings, eating, and very special occasions.

For eligible patients who are committed to wearing their orthopedic appliances constantly and conscientiously, this treatment option offers enormous rewards and awesome results. In young patients, orthopedics can even eliminate the need for braces!

A Treatment With Aesthetic Benefits – The DNA Appliance

Image of the DNA Appliance on a model of teethThe DNA Appliance™ is a very complex and highly advanced orthodontic appliance, that accomplishes orthodontic goals in a way unlike any other kind of orthodontic appliance. The purpose of the DNA Appliance is to expand the upper arch of the mouth in order to realign the jaw and other bones within the face and mouth as well as to allow for easier breathing. When the upper arch is expanded, the nasal passages also expand and the teeth are able to fall into a more aligned position. While this undoubtedly results in aesthetical benefits, the DNA Appliance is also used to treat health conditions such as TMJ and sleep apnea. Patients who use the DNA Appliance are able to enjoy a better smile as well as a healthier life.

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